About Me.


Hi! My name is Mikenzi, I am a health and wellness professional in Las Vegas, NV. I specialize in preventing lifestyle diseases AKA chronic diseases and illnesses, blood sugar management, weight loss, depression/anxiety, detoxification, and much more. It is my ultimate goal to improve the quality of ones life through nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle modifications. 
After experiencing struggles with my own health, I learned that my passion is to help people overcome their own struggles, and chart a course towards stronger mental, physical and emotional health.




My roller coaster ride of life took a hefty drop upon graduating from college. I worked very hard to build up my resume and “make it” in the media industry. It was a dream of mine at the time to become a broadcaster. After I graduated, I took my first job as a Morning News Anchor and thought this was it, the beginning of my career in the industry.. let’s do it! It was great, until unexpectedly and very quickly, it wasn’t. I found myself to be very unhappy, stressed, hopeless, sleep deprived, and not eating. I was on a toxic roller coaster that I allowed to take me on one too many rides. My health went down the drain and no matter what I did to get back on track, I just couldn’t adapt to the rigorous schedule of being a Morning News Anchor. I eventually had to make the tough decision to leave the job I thought was the right fit for me. The following days and months were even harder as I struggled to get back on track with my overall health. I was lost and felt stuck (not to mention, I was dependent on prescribed sleep medication).